domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Alive 2020

Returning back to life with a new purpose, still DIY and very limited editins of productions
Feel free to contact again for demo submissions and possible trades or any other complains.

NBMM discontinues all releases before NBMM100. I don't own any more copies of those releases and even don't have the files to produce any more of them.

Read more about us in this section.

Trades are always welcome!


Upcoming releases

NBMM101 - Subjugated Black Death Immolation "Phlegm of the Subconscious Soul/Portal of Incantation" Compilation limited to 30 copies (Raw Droning Black Metal)
NBMM102 - Cosmic Hunt "Planet Abomination" LP tape limited to 44 copies (Raw Black Metal)